Clarens Renois- Leading at the moment on Social Media Haiti election 2015

Clarens Renois- Leading at the moment

While official polls in Haiti do not exist, walking on the streets of Haiti and social media noise indicate that Clarens Renois is right in the mix of the election. The day of reckoning for the eligible candidates for the presidency of Haiti is less than a week away. But Clarens appears to stand at the top. All the hard work on social media has made Clarens a most sought political personality on the airways, TV and social media. People want to know more about him and what he will bring to the table, if he is selected.

While most politicians in Haiti have used the traditional stroll in the market to meet the people, Clarens has kept himself busy with the use of social media. This form of communication is much more effective, faster and is able to capture a much larger audience. So far, Clarens has proven that he is the king of social media. If elected, Clarens has a number of things on the agenda- like free education for children, better healthcare access, civil rights for the people, more transparency in the political system and above all, a fairness in business dealings. Haiti has long suffered in the economic sector, chiefly due to corruption and lack of accountability in the government. Clarens has vowed to change all that.

On his Facebook page, thousands of his regular followers are able to follow his whereabouts, agendas and his political views. He has also used twitter to reach the youth, for whom he cares the most. With massive unemployment and lack of opportunities, Clarens feels that the youth need a stronger voice in Haiti. For too long, the average Haitian has been ignored by the politicians but Clarens has vowed to change this, if elected.

A major reason why Clarens has risen to the top in the polls is because of his nonviolence beliefs. He believes that too many Haitians have already lost their lives to unnecessary violence, which has been instigated by rival politicians. He feels that democracy should be restored and that communication rather than violence is a better way to achieve common goals.

Anyone who wants to know more about Clarens Renois and his political views, just click on his Facebook account. If there is anyone who can make an impact in the lives of people of Haiti, it surely has to be Clarens Renois- make your vote count not only for your future but for the betterment of the nation of Haiti.

Hole Mugambe


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