Guess who is leading for Deputy in Pétion-Ville?

The Haitian elections are less than a week away and even though there are thousands of candidates to choose from- one name stands at the top. Jerry Tardieu is way ahead. Polls from social networks and media indicate that no candidate is as popular as Mr. Tardieu.

Jerry Tardieu, an author, and now entrepreneur, has made a great effort to tell the people of Haiti that he will do whatever it takes to get the country out of its current social, economic and political turmoil, and it seems that the people are listening. Jerry’s twitter and Facebook accounts are flooded with new followers and would be voters for the coming election. Unlike many other candidates, Jerry has maintained a strong media presence and has been transparent about every facet of his life.

On the streets and almost every food market stall, most people now seem to know who Jerry Tardieu is and what he stands for. The people of Haiti feel that if anyone can save Haiti, it is him. Jerry Tardieu has had a humble beginning in politics but his enthusiasm and empathy for Haitians has finally paid off.


People on the social media want to know more about Jerry Tardieu than any other candidate. Google searches also show that he is the most searched Haitian politician online. Everyone wants to know Jerry not because of his wealth, but because of his policies and how he intends to help Haiti. So far most politicians have been hiding in the closet and have not revealed much but Jerry has mentioned in detail what he plans to do in future. His main themes for Haiti are: improve the lives of the people and bring fairness in all walks of life.

For far too long, Haiti has been riddled with nepotism and corrupt politicians. Jerry wants to bring in new laws that prevent hiring of family members into political parties and wants Haitian politicians to be transparent about heir business and finances.

Because of his solid media presence, the majority of Haitians who are now in favor of Jerry for Deputy of Petion Ville are the young people, primarily because they have access to the internet and know the importance of social media. However, Jerry has also stepped up his campaigns on the streets and has gone to great lengths to meet people from all walks of life-all over the country. Jerry has utilized the social media to enhance his reputation not only in Haiti but also in the USA. Almost every single day, the diaspora media has something to say about him.

Jerry Tardieu is now the most famous politician in Haiti because he genuinely believes that the time for change has come. It is time to get rid of the present corrupt establishment and install a new government that will be transparent, accountable and care for the people. Within a week, we will know who will be in the running. But as it stands now, Jerry is far ahead on both the social media and polls. For people wanting to know more about Jerry Tardieu, just click on his Facebook pagehttps: // , And vote for a change- Haiti needs new air to breathe and make the country a better place to live #mantikaba.

Henry Beaucejour/Hole Mugambe


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