Hacarabtech to Present “salon des metiers du numérique” (DIGITAL TRADE SHOW ) on April 28th at 3:00 PM ET in Haiti at the Oasis Hotel



NEW YORK, NY / HACARABTECH / April 24, 2017 / HAITIAN CARIBBEAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL  will be presenting salon des metiers du numerique conference  on April 28th in Haiti


The SALON DES METIERS NUMERIQUE (DIGITAL TRADE SHOWS) Conference is an exclusive event for students ,univeristies,professionals who specialize in tech. It is an opportunity to be introduced to learn about the field of technology , the skills ,latest advancement and  learn from various expert panels, and mingle with other Tech Gurus in Haiti .

The "salon des metiers du Numerique " DIGITAL TRADE SHOWS Conference will take place in Petion-ville ,Haiti at the Oasis Hotel on April 28th at 3:00pm .

Registration : 

HAITIAN CARIBBEAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL  offers various events, initiatives and other programs that have one purpose and that is to stimulate an ever growing and successful technology and to ensure more innovation as far as the economy of Haiti is concerned. The first scheduled event has been arranged for 28 April 28, 20172 and the chosen venue will be the Oasis Hotel Petion ville ,Haiti PauP.

HACARABTECH  is a well-established and reputable organization which has already successfully organized similar meetings in New York over the past two years in partnership with Haitian and foreign experts who are likewise engaged in the area of development in technology. Because of the obvious success, which has been enjoyed by our organization this has insured that it has obtained a very prominent place all over the planet as far as technological news, is concerned.

There are many things, which could be expected at the salon des métiers du numerique DIGITAL TRADE SHOWS) event such as debates, discussion, conferences and robotics exposition by Catts Pressoir school.

Henry BEAUCEJOUR,  Président directeur général Hacarabtech/ Haitinumerique2030

Jerry TARDIEU,  Député de Pétion Ville

Gary BODEAU, Député de la commune de Delmas

Jean Luc TONDREAU, Représentant de l'UNESCO en Haïti

Maguy DURCÉ, Directrice Générale de l’Institut national de la formation professionnelle  (INFP/MENFP)


Panélistes :

Jean Marie Altema,  DG CONATEL

Pascal Adrien chef cabinet de Youri Latortu

Patrick Bayard VP Marketing Access Haïti 

Stéphane Vincent Gouv spécialiste 

Jacques Yvon Pierre Professeur à l’Université et spécialiste en éducation

Guy Etienne Spécialiste en éducation

 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Docteur 

Max Larson Henry, CEO Transversal 

John Miller Beauvoir 



Taino Ledan

lamos Paul 

Natacha Dacine

Mause Darline François




Ralph Péniel

Lamos André

Roody Sanley Penn

Miguelito Jérôme

Jean Samuel Jules

Lamos Paul

Jean Baptiste Marc

Certil Remy

Joël Felix St Joy

Jacques Valery Dutreuil

Patrick Eugene

Sindy Obed

Beauboeuf Gael



The mission of HACARABTECH is to do everything in its ability to provide leadership in order to ensure effective strategy and tactical planning especially in the areas of technology. The primary methods, which will be used in order to accomplish this objective, are education, connection and the promotion of new technology with organizations, people and institutions wherever they may be throughout the country. This is in short the objective of this conference under the leadership of Michel Stephane Bruno. This upcoming event has been carefully planned and not only will there be workshops which will truly allow every participant to walk away from this event with invaluable information and business strategies. Several well-known personalities and leaders of organizations and corporations have already confirmed their eagerness to participate both as speakers and facilitators.




For those who may require any additional information please visit www. Hacarabtech. Or alternatively contact at

Phone: 509 4758 5904 / 4785 0101






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