Haiti : CONATEL Digital Economy Fair Symposium 2018 is here


Great things are happening in 2018 such as the Digital Economy Fair 2018 also known as (SEN), which will be held at  Champs de Mars kiosk on 19 and 20 January. The central theme will be the digital economy, social development and the economy of Haiti. The objective will be to accelerate the economy of Haiti.

The value of ICTs and the Internet to social, economic and sustainable development are clear, whether it’s in the underpinning infrastructure for economic and social progress or in providing tools for programmers in sectors such as health, finance, and education. That value has grown with time, due to the vast improvements in technology, increased bandwidth, and new services like social media and cloud computing. The Internet provides the platform for the growth of ICTs and for an emerging digital economy, in which production, distribution, and consumption depend on broadband networks and services. Clearly, it’s a critical enabler of sustainable development.

This roundtable interactive discussion will seek to provide speakers and attendees with an integrated view of the lessons learned, challenges of the evolving digital economy vis-a-vis the issues of openness, affordability, privacy, and security on the Internet and the good practices for the digital economy that are imperative for enabling the SDGs.

The entire convention is to be used as a platform for information sharing, exchange of information and also as a networking opportunity for stakeholders and also the consumer who are involved in information technologies and communication not only in Haiti but also on the International platform. There will be workshops, B2B meetings, panel discussions and other opportunities for attendees to gain valuable knowledge about new trends in the industry.

The objectives of SEN 2018 are:

Inform attendees regarding the potential of the digital economy,

Impress upon major industry players the critical need to put in place a favorable ecosystem for the immediate development of the digital economy in Haiti,

The effective promotion of Haitian products and services,

Promote equipment, facilitating mechanisms for the development of the digital economy in Haiti.

Important side issues

Several other important topics will be discussed, such as: innovation, the digital economy, public policies regarding the digital economy, the importance of the digital economy as far as economic and social development is concerned, another vital topic to be discussed is cybersecurity and cybercrime, intellectual property, electronic payment systems, startup,crowdfunding and Business Process Outsourcing.

The objective is to provide attendees with as much value as possible and therefore there will be several high-value presentations such as the TNT presentation stand, creation and registration of companies, the brainstorming workshop on Digital and Energy issues, there will be a 3D printing demonstration, a presentation stand of the University Radio, as well as Business Process Outsourcing and e-money. Every attempt has been made to accommodate as many digital industry participants as possible and to provide them not only with an informative convention but also with the opportunity to rub shoulders with other specialists in the industry.

However, according to the president of Haitian Caribbean Information technology council (Hacarabtech) HENRY BEAUCEJOUR,"There has never been a time of greater promise, we must develop a comprehensive shared view of how technology is affecting Haitian lives and reshaping our economic, social, cultural and human environments in our country."

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