Haiti:Jerry Tardieu will win in Historic Landslide in Petionville


Jerry Tardieu will win in Historic Landslide in Petyonville


Unless a catastrophe event over the next week and a half, Jerry Tardieu is probably going to win the legislative election in petion Ville Haiti with a large margin.

Of course, not everybody who follows politics professionally believes this. “The 2015 campaign is starting on level ground “se sou beton”,” argues Haitians media, echoing a similar analysis by Hole Mugambe assistant editor in chief of Haititechnews. But the evidence for this is quite slim, and a closer look suggests instead that something serious would have to change in order to prevent a jerry Tardieu victory.

We are a few weeks away from the Haitian election, and all polls indicate that Jerry Tardieu is way ahead of all other politicians. The margin of lead is so great that the second and third place candidates are now even on the radar. Even though not a president yet, Jerry continues to garner more respect than most currently elected officials. He definitely is the man of the hour and if elected to be deputy, he will serve the country well. Everything he has done so far has brought success to him. Jerry is not only charismatic and an amicable person, but he is also forthright and honest. His twitter ad Facebook followers are in the thousands.

Unlike many of our elected officials, Jerry has gotten to his status by hard work. Nothing was ever given to him for free. On almost every street corner in port au prince, the word is that Jerry is the man to lead Haiti. So far, he has taken the time to discuss his political agenda and aspirations. He is the only candidate with a book published on his candidacy and the Haitian politics.

“Our campaign is a broad and unprecedented coalition of diverse groups and base in Petion Ville, many of whom came together for the first time to support me,” Jerry said in his brisk speech in Malik, Thomassin, Pelerin, with prominent youth and political base supporters at his back. “We as Haitian must work together with the understanding that every neighborhood matters in this country.”

His foremost concern is offering the youth of Haiti more opportunities and hope. Unlike most other people in the running, Jerry is also an avid fan of digital technology and he has used the social media to the maximum to garner support from the people. He has rallied against the government to allow diaspora to vote in the present election.  With the election just a few weeks away, our bet is that Jerry will win the votes outright. So far, he has been in the lead in every poll and gathering more support from people all over the country.

“Jerry actually knows and cares and brags about what Petonville were like in the 1970’s; said a political expert in Haiti. A lot of candidates tend to be good at one or the other. They can talk about what the city was like for them in their childhood or in their career, or they can talk about a vision for Petionville going forward. But Jerry is able to do both.” If elected deputy, we doubt if Haiti could get a better person in that position.


Henry Beaucejour

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