Jerry Tardieu the leader of the youth: In It to Win It

Jerry Tardieu by all accounts was the most popular candidate in the recent elections. Almost every poll showed that he was in the lead by a significant margin but after the elections, he miraculously comes in second. Everyone in Haiti is aware that the polls have been manipulated and these results have been fudged. Tabulation of time and speaking to people reveals that many people mentioned they voted for Mr. Tardieu but the results do not reflect that. So the obvious conclusion is that the government is playing the same games it has done for the past 5 years- manipulate the votes. Mr. Tardieu has challenged these results and now the electoral council says he has to undergo second round to determine the real winner. The electoral council refused to divulge any reason for the second round and did not give out any reason why there was a significant discrepancy in Mr. Tardieu’s voting numbers.

So now Mr. Tardieu is set to go another round on Oct 25. The ways things run in Haiti it is difficult to predict the winner. Even if all the people vote for Mr. Tardieu, the Government can fudge the results and claim the exact opposite. Haiti has now become a cesspool of corruption in every facet of life. Even when there is democracy, this is only on paper to appease the foreign powers. Haiti in fact is a dictatorship run under the guise of freedom. There is no possible way that Mr. Tardieu did not win the election held recently. As always the government has remained silent and probably planning something more sinister again. But, one thing we know JERRY TARDIEU is a winner and he’s a smart fighter and more determined than ever to win it all.pic_441



Henry Beaucejour



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