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Before founding Haititechnews.com, Henry Beaucejour noticed through his work reporting for a Haitian newspaper that technology news was lacking for his country. With the importance of technology to the modern world, he knew that Haiti was in desperate need of a news source to cover the field. At the time of its founding in 2011, Haititechnews.com became the country’s first technology-only news source: a title they retain today.
Haititechnews.com seeks to help educate and advise the people of Haiti through top-quality reporting, available in four languages. Beaucejour hopes that through Haititechnew’s help, the people of Haiti will acquire the knowledge needed to start their own businesses in the private and public sector. This, in turn, would inspire more investment in the IT field, helping ensure Haiti and its citizens a brighter future in the global market. With tens of thousands of Facebook friends and tens of thousands more unique visitors to the site, those dreams are already coming true.



Henry Beaucejour

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