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Loubert Michel: “An authentic Sci-Tech Ambassador”

Born on the 18th of September in Port-Salut in the South of Haiti, Loubert Michel is a top Technologist and anyone who knows him would agree . Friends refer to him a “a real Sci-Tech Ambassador”

How did I meet Loubert Michel? 

It was in the era post-9/11, and we were four IT Engineers car-pooling from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Two Saint-Hilaire’s brothers, Evens and Ricardo who have known Lou from Brooklyn College, the City University of New York (CUNY). He graduated with a Chemistry degree spanning General Chemistry to Quantum Chemistry including Mathematics and, Physics giving him enough knowledge to discuss Polymer Sciences such a multi-discipline including Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.  At the same, in the early 90’s at York College (CUNY), I majored in Physics, Mathematics and Computer studies. Michel, who was a Pre-Mmed major in Chemistry was forced to abandon his dreams by becoming a Physician now turns into a highly Sci-Tech guru. Very few understand his passion.

He is consumed by in anything he undertakes. His level of passion and commitment may disturb sometimes. The great philosopher Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Confucius spoke precisely to the Loubert that I discovered almost two decades ago.

His passion for science and technology is clear-cut, indisputable, and unambiguous.  Loubert’s personal IT Laboratory is called the ‘Black Holes Lab’ in the memory  of Stephen Hawking whom he believes has been a role model for the youth in the current century. Hawking’s legacy remains a branding for Haitian Americans, especially for those who migrated from Haiti who must believe “Education is the real road to success in an open America”. Loubert’s pathway provess that #EducationMatters. Lou migrated to Brooklyn from Haiti back in early 80’s  before the exit of BabyDoc. As a former professional soccer player in Haiti, Loubert was embedded in Haitian culture. In his ‘Black Holes Laboratory’ Loubert can challenge anyone when it comes to Haitian musics and  Franco-songs old owning music in his personal collection from the likes of Charles Aznavour, Michel Sardou, Jean Ferrat, Demis Roussos and Nana Mouskouri, etcetera. In the IT Laboratory, using either Alexa or Siri,  Lou plays Haitian music for his curious visitors including the 400% of k^2 of Sweet Micky. Lou’s database is humongous. No kidding.

Words are not enough to speak of Loubert Michel celebrating his birthday on this 18th of September 2020. From the woman whom he calls his angel, his wife Soledad, La Maravillosa that he has been in love with for decades. I don’t even think Soledad knows Lou’s testimonies of respect, trust and love; the three pillars of life. From Ronslaski, Oblinski, Loudania, daddy and husband Loubert stands a great propagator of his love tous azimuts even immeasurable.

For his buddies since Brooklyn College CUNY and with whom he keeps closed contact with uptil to now like Dr. Dolcine Dalmacy (Dol), Killy Pyram, Wilkens Raymond (Ti Wil), Evens Bazelais ( Baz), Loubert is a loyal friend. Friends may lose touch with Lou but Lou never loses them. They may fade away or go with the seasons, but I know the latter to be true since childhood at Jean-Marie Guilloux, Bazelais a brilliant dude very close to Loubert for who he spent years to searching him on social media but Google shown serious limits in Baz’s search but social engineering did the job. To find Bazelais, Lou had to use the theory of “Six degrees of separation”. Now both are indispensable to each other. Loubert loves his friends and reciprocates his respect to anyone who does the same to him.

A pedagogue at heart, Lou repeats the concepts he masters. Naturally generous, unquestionable loyalty, a passion transmitter Loubert Michel has a great sense of humor which he create himself such as “M pa konn kotem gad, si se Lamantin ou Palais National “ in reference to some confusing situation that one has to deal with in life. Another one “Ah misye kaka kou yon ba fè 3/8ème” meaning he is toasted.

Chemist by education who successfully graduated in the midst of the 1990’s, experienced some teaching adventures at the Board of Education in Brooklyn, became a serious IT Engineer since early 2000’s, currently a AWS Cloud Engineer – Trade Informatics. Loubert has become the embodiment of’s imbrication the Physicist’s quote from Freeman Dyson “Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”

Two boys and two daughters (Loudania and Isabelle), sometimes Lou may meditate transcendentally who among his four kids inherit via DNA his passion for technology, science and general savoir. Before I end my biographical testimony, back in 2005 and 2006, when I was the Press Secretary of the then Prime Minister in Haiti Loubert was my shadow technological adviser. Any time I would travel from Haiti to New York, Michel’s bell was ringing. At the door either Soledad appeared with a smile and soprano voice or it was him, at which point I was updated on all the state-of-the art technology. To my recollection, Loubert never asked me any fictitious favor in return. I, for the first time, send flowers of appreciation to Lou so I express a great deal of appreciation.

In any Government Loubert Michel remains the best guy to be a Technological Adviser for any President whether in the great United Stated of America or anywhere else. PhD’s candidate as Cybersecurity Expert at the New York Institute of Technology one of the top 50 universities in the North according to U.S. News & World Report 2021, Loubert can be the erudite back-doors to design, implement technology and serve as a watchdog for any prestigious entity.

I, JJJ, approve of all the above. 

Happy Birthday Loubert!

Once upon a time we have met each other, we did a long road, even in parallel lanes sometimes but yet Loubert stands an inspiration for many generations with his strengths and, core values. Don’t bother entertaining Loubert in any political analytical exchanges. That is a waste of time. As you celebrate your birthday Bro Lou, remember to leave my seat at the “Black Hole Laboratory” so we can chat intellectually, discuss and never dispute, agree to disagree on his agnostic discourse on God, learn from each other. and the most refreshing of all, we both believe “things can be extraordinary”. In extraordinary, Lou means out of the ordinary. I need a smile, Mister Sci-Tech Ambassador at-large!


Sept 18, 2020

Twitter: @jeanjuniorj

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