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Michel Stéphane Bruno the Haitian Steve Jobs you didn’t know


He has studied economics at the Université Quisqueya from 1993 until 1997. Some of the things which are of interest to him are mobile technologies, telephone services, messaging and marketing, mobile applications and ICT4D. Other things which are of particular concern to this man is the environment, education, science and technology and economic empowerment. People who have worked with him describe him as a man with strong negotiation and business development skills which has a strong influence among those around him. Other commendable traits are his great vision and a contagious enthusiasm for everything he attempts. He is reported to be a straightforward person with no interest in deception but will always be honest in his approach to people and situations. Other colleagues describe him as a person who is always focusing on the results and that was well acquainted with issues such as corporate social responsibility. He has been investing a lot of his life to establish a better business environment in the IT industry in Haiti and he is constantly looking at new ways to expand and grow his company. His friend Peter Kelly mobile tech pioneer from Silicon Valley said to me on twitter: “Stephane is an inspiring and compassionate soul and I love watching him debated”.

Michael Bruno has been very involved in ICT solutions to businesses and also dealing with development problems. With his wide experience both in the private sector also in international organizations have provided him with an excellent insight into the effective implementation of ICT’s in a wide variety of institutions. This included involvement in e-governance, Internet governance, e-business, mobile technologies and m-commerce. He is also striving to establish a vibrant solutions-oriented IT environment that will be able to provide additional jobs and also other opportunities. He also has some thoughts about the development of a new breed of entrepreneur’s who will be open-minded and will find new ways to be innovative. He has always been very open minded when it comes to his professional career and he has engaged in various activities such as streamlining business processes, policies, solution design and architecture, policies, app and web 2.0 application development as well as social networking.

Michel Bruno has held several high positions in the banking industry. Positions such as director and other positions. He has also been working as a consultant especially relating to the information industry and also business development initiatives. He has also been involved in devising business plans for businesses and providing other strategic consultations. He was also a senior technology advisor and there the primary focus was to provide advice on technology solutions in order to improve the microfinance sector in Haiti. Other projects that he has shared in was the development of mobile banking. He was also the co-founder of a company called Nuvo which was involved in strategic planning and orientation. Several initiatives such as the development of new innovative services especially for the use of mobile technologies was some of the things were in he was involved. He is considered to be a national expert on e-governance and this involves providing advice on effective e-governance policies.

Stephane was famously not a technology nerd, nor was he a computer geek who spent hours’ writings complex algorithms for operating systems. But he was passionate about the transformative potential of mobile technology. The lesson is that creativity is not about technology, it's bout the idea behind why a service or a product was made .in that same vein, innovation is about creating something new from something tried and true. But there has to be a reason behind each innovation, which is why stéphane was such a taskmaster and a game changer.

“Hundreds of Haitians were saved from the rubbles by rescue workers. By communicating information via my personal Android phone about trapped people to search-and-rescue personnel, they had a clear target and were therefore more efficient in going directly where there was a chance of survival. They saved as many as they could, but of course, sometimes they arrived too late” Dixit Stephane Bruno in 2010 during the massive earthquake .

Stephane thus became a symbol of success for a number of young people having understood that the future of the Haiti also passes through new technologies. And to him, they will no longer need to emigrate to California!

Robert Kennedy once said: “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

The end had to come, of course; no one lives forever and no one is immune to death. The Haitian community was somewhat not prepared for a sudden cruel death. But words are inadequate to express what Stephane Michel Bruno means to Tech fan’s, the youth around the country and to the world of technology, innovation, and high-tech entrepreneurship Haitian-style. Surely, as an entrepreneur and innovator, he represented the very best that Haiti., or any country, has to offer. Our thoughts must be with the people closest to him, beginning with his family and intimate friends. They will miss Stephane Bruno the most, but they are not alone.

The country has lost a genius.” Neither more or less “, said economist Kesner Pharel, CEO of Groupe Croissance

Henry Beaucejour
Sanftec Datacenter CEO, Founder Editor of Haititechews, Digital Innovation Strategist, Senior Business and Technology Advisors

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